8 signs you’re trapped by food rules (and how to break free with intuitive eating)

Even if you’re not *officially* on a weight loss diet, you could be stuck in a diet mindset with food rules you don't realize you have. 

The food rules of diet culture dictate how to eat to lose weight or maintain it. Eating for "health" has the same goal in mind, which includes food rules that are part of a wellness lifestyle.

Food rules might make you feel like you’re in control. Yet the truth is, when you listen to someone else's ideas about eating, you disconnect from your body's wisdom about what, when and how much to eat. 

The more you focus your attention on external signals and cues about food and eating, the less in tune you are with your body’s signals. This traps you in a cycle of not trusting your body’s desires for certain foods and could lead to restricting and bingeing behaviors. 

Not sure if this fits?

It's all laid out below in the 8 signs that your food rules have you stuck in a diet mindset. 

Then, discover how intuitive...

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3 Reasons Why You're Holding Out for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a set up. It’s an impossible and unrealistic goal for most dieters who cling to the idea that being thin is the golden ticket to solving life’s problems. Not only will you be “healthy” and happy, but you’ll be better looking, and even richer, too.

Scrolling through YouTube, I came across an interview with someone I admire. This influencer runs an 8-figure business, has a loving relationship and family, and is known by all to be a kind and generous person. 

The main feature of the video addresses her weight loss and improved body image. She confesses to “getting healthy” and losing weight because she fears that being fat would be the downfall of her business. As someone who shows up often on social media and is the face of her own business, she thought people would only buy from her if she was thin. 

Towards the end of the talk, she describes working hard to embrace her size “no matter what.” Yet, she...

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Confused about intuitive eating? Busting the top 10 myths

It seems like every time we hit our social media feed, a new diet, cleanse, detox, healthy lifestyle or wellness plan has entered the scene.

Each one brings with it hopes of being "the One." The one that will make us lose weight (finally) and "get healthy." The one that will make us fit, attractive, look younger, and attract the partner of our dreams.
Trouble is, it's all crap, wrapped in an expensive price tag, tied with a ribbon of inevitable failure and self-loathing
If you've exhausted the diet-lifestyle-wellness hamster wheel, you might have encountered intuitive eating. Not to mention the legions of diet-weary (and wary) fellow travelers.
Even though intuitive eating has been around for decades, developed by Registered Dietitians Tribole and Resch, it continues to skyrocket in popularity.
More and more people are losing faith in the *need* to siphon their time, money and energy into size conformity. As such, many are turning to body...
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4 Ways to Do Intuitive Eating During the Coronavirus Pandemic

…and why it’s exactly what you need right now.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to intuitive eating or if you’ve been practicing it for awhile. Over the last few weeks your daily routines – including your eating routine – have gotten sidelined.

The coronavirus has become a big stick that has stirred everything up, and we don’t know what it’s going to look like when everything settles into its new place…or when it will.

This temporary new normal can be overwhelming: staying at home and feeling isolated, navigating children full-time while working online, concern about paying the bills if your job is affected, worrying about elderly parents and your risk of catching the virus…

If you’re like many, this disruption has forced you to think differently about food. Forefront in your mind might be questions about getting food, whether you have enough food, what to eat and even how...

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